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Import and domestic supply of explosion-proof electrical equipment from well-known brands

GMI, palazzoli , CEAG , STAHL , HAWKE , CMP , CORTEM group

Supply explosion-proof equipment used in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, including

A variety of explosion proof lighting equipment
Types box (junction box), explosion-proof and waterproof
Explosion-proof cable glands types
Types of warning sirens, and explosion-proof equipment
Pipes and fittings proof Kandvyyt
Explosion-proof plug and socket types of signaling equipment
Explosion-proof types of instruments
Explosion-proof single-pin fluorescent lamps
Explosion-proof phone FHF


Despite the explosive gases and dust in some industrial centers such as oil, gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, paint, cement, chemical industry, automotive, fuel stations, silos and mines and ... the use of electrical equipment can be dangerous and cause damage.the phenomenon of induction failure and ... in normal operating conditions or disadvantage for them thought this kind of equipment so called explosion-proof equipment.
Inflammatory factors that may cause an explosion as follows:
(A) electric arc and electric spark.
.qvs Electrical contact caused by impact
.jrqh Caused by loose electrical connections
.tkhlyh Electro-static loads
Spark creation in injury or disconnect cables
.jryan Short-circuit
(B) mechanical sparks caused by friction, impact. Or wear
. Grinding Stone
C hot surfaces due to the mechanical or electrical equipment.
C electrostatic charges arising from the impact of a separate process or at least injected with a substance involved is rechargeable.
.pr And unload liquid and powder ...
E-resources such as:
.amvaj Electromagnetic
.amvaj Supersonic
Infrared .tshshat


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